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Small businesses in the Philippines can turn to One Webby Philippines for simple, affordable websites. When it comes to helping you establish a solid online presence, I have both rapid and affordable solutions. I create stunning, functional websites tailored to your business and audience. Get in touch with me today to launch your company’s website and grow your business online.

Why Choose One Webby Click?

As a one-man team, I offer top-notch website design and development services with a local touch. I understand the needs of small businesses in the Philippines and provide fast, effective, and affordable solutions to help you establish a strong online presence. My goal is to create stunning, functional one page websites that reflect your brand and meet your unique needs, all at a price you can afford. When you choose me, you can expect dedicated customer service and support every step of the way.




Palawan Moto Car Rentals

Experience a remarkable adventure with Palawan Moto Car Rentals by your side. Discover our wide range of scooters, including top-notch models, ready to guide you through the breathtaking scenery of Puerto Princesa, Palawan.


Brewed in Siargao

A coffee shop in Siargao requested that I create a website for them, and I did so by designing and developing a single-page website that had sections for their company profile, menu, and a contact form.


Suavis Shawarma El Nido

A coffee shop in Siargao requested that I create a website for them, and I did so by designing and developing a single-page website that had sections for their company profile, menu, and a contact form.


Tsoknat Rent A Website

This is a one-page website that I developed for a scooter rental business in Siargao. It provides interested renters with access to a contact form, hosting, a domain name, a pricing section, and other tools so that they may learn more about the available rents.

Bike Repair Shop

Siargao Hostel

Brgy. Official J. Gulana

Laguna MT Helmets

Dave Merrit Realtor

One Night in Baguio

OAGRIAS Scooter Rentals

Baguio Pares Nights

San Fran Car Wash

Process Overview


Requirements Gathering: I’ll get to know your company or business, potential customers, and your website’s purpose. At this point, I will also start gathering content for the website’s structure, design, and development.


Design ad Development: I will create a website’s design and functionality based on the requirements laid out in the brief. The design process involves thinking about the site’s identity, the user’s path within the site, and the technical requirements. The development process starts once the design is approved, and it lasts until the website is finished being built by yours truly.


Testing and Launching: Before launching the website, I’ll put it through its paces to make sure it’s ready to go and that it satisfies all the necessary criteria. Accessibility testing and cross-browser compatibility testing are also part of this process. Following the completion of the beta testing phase, I will make the site publicly available.

Details and rates




Non Domain

3 Sections

Non Domain package which means your domain will be YOURNAME.ONEWEBBY.CLICK

with ONE WEBBY CLICK header and footer credits



Complete Package

7 to 10 Sections

.COM, .NET or .XYZ Domains included | Vanity domain (.design, .actor, .doctor, etc) can be optional but there will be additional fees

1GB Hosting

Contact or Inquiry Form | Inquiries will be sent to your assigned email

Facebook / Viber Popup Chat messenger

No One Webby Click header and footer credits



The Ideal Package

4 to 6 Section

.COM Domain included

500MB Hosting

Contact or Inquiry Form | Inquiries will be sent to your assigned email

No One Webby Click header and footer credits


When I needed help updating the website for my cafe, I contacted One Webby Click. Everything went off without a hitch and was handled expertly. One Webby Click really listened to what I wanted from the site and executed it with style and ease of use. The dedication and care that One Webby Click put into making a quality one page website really stood out to me. To anyone in need of a one page website, I heartily suggest you contact One Webby Click. The web page for my cafe has never looked better.

Renee drew

Extra Space


Responsive and Mobile Friendly


Beautiful and Effective Designs




Social Media Integration




Ecommerce (optional feature)


Fast Turnaround and AFFORDABLE




A professional website is essential when you’re just starting out in business. A custom website is time-consuming and costly and may necessitate technical abilities to build. In light of this, we developed Rent a Website service to provide startups and SMBs with a simple, low-cost option.

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Why Choose One Webby Click?

I am a one-man shop that provides professional web design and development services. My main goal is to help small businesses…

Clients and Customers


“I’m happy with the results of working with One Webby Click, which created my single-page website. All went smoothly, and we were in constant contact with one another. The final product, a sleek and functional website, far surpassed my wildest dreams. The one-page website that One Webby built for me is professional, straightforward, and simple to use. The layout and ease of use of the site have been widely praised, which I greatly appreciate. Due to the fact that One Webby Click much beyond my expectations, I would suggest them to anyone in need of website services.”

Kate Bryant

Elegant Spacce

Questions and Answers


A one-page website is what, exactly?

A one-page website is a sort of website that just has one page and displays all the necessary data and material on it. By scrolling or clicking on navigation links, the user can visit various website parts.

Are all types of businesses fit for a one-page website?

Small enterprises, independent contractors, and startups who wish to establish a straightforward yet effective online presence should use one-page websites. For larger firms with a lot of information to convey, they might not be appropriate.

What distinguishes a landing page from a one-page website?

A landing page is a single page that is created to fulfill a specific goal, such as advertising a product or gathering leads, as opposed to a one-page website, which is an entire website with various sections.

One-page websites work on mobile devices?

Yes, one-page websites can be made to be responsive and mobile-friendly, making them simple to browse and use across a variety of platforms.

What advantages do one-page websites offer?

A one-page website has many advantages, such as simple navigation, quick loading times, and a message that is unambiguous and to the point. In comparison to multi-page websites, they are frequently less expensive to design and maintain.

Can a website with just one page contain numerous sections?

Yes, a website can have more than one segment on a single page. These sections are accessible via navigation links that direct visitors to the appropriate area of the page.

Can a one-page website be made search engine-friendly?

Yes, a one-page website can be search engine optimized. However, because there is just one page to work with, optimization may be more difficult than it would be for a multi-page website. To increase the website’s search engine exposure, it is crucial to employ pertinent keywords, meta descriptions, and header tags.

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