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Barangay Official Justine Gulana is a seasoned public servant with a deep commitment to serving his community.

Justine always puts the needs of his constituents first and is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those he serves.


Meet Barangay Official Justine Gulana, a dedicated public servant who has been serving the community of Laguna with distinction.

With a passion for making a positive impact, Justine has worked tirelessly to address the needs and concerns of the residents of his barangay. With a wealth of experience, a commitment to excellence, and a proven track record of success, Justine is the right choice for barangay leadership. Read on to learn more about his background, accomplishments, and vision for the future.


Justine has a proven track record of success as a barangay official. Some of his notable achievements include:

Developing and implementing a community-based waste management program that reduced littering and improved the cleanliness of the barangay.

Securing funding for a major infrastructure project that improved access to basic services, such as water and electricity, for residents in underserved areas.

Establishing a neighborhood watch program that has reduced crime and improved public safety in the barangay.

Launching a job training program for residents that has helped increase employment and economic opportunities in the area.


Justine Gulana is responsible for a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, including:

Representing the barangay in meetings with other local government agencies and stakeholders.

Developing and implementing policies and programs that address the needs and concerns of residents.

Ensuring that residents have access to essential services, such as water, electricity, and healthcare.

Overseeing the maintenance of public facilities, such as parks, playgrounds, and community centers.

Responding to emergencies and natural disasters, such as typhoons, fires, and floods.

Promoting transparency and accountability in government, including holding regular public meetings and providing regular updates on barangay activities and initiatives.

These are just some of the many responsibilities that Justine has as the Barangay Official of his jurisdiction. With his experience and expertise, he is well-equipped to lead the barangay and to ensure that the needs of residents are met and their voices are heard.

Other Responsibilities


Implementing and enforcing local laws and regulations, including building codes and environmental protection measures.


Providing leadership and support for community-based organizations and initiatives.


Managing the barangay’s budget and financial resources, including revenue collection and expenditure management.

What’s Happening?

The Latest

A local charity organization is hosting a food drive to support families in need in the community. The event will take place this weekend at the community center, and volunteers are needed to assist with collecting and distributing food donations. The charity is also accepting monetary donations to purchase additional food for those in need.

A community clean-up event will take place next month to help beautify local parks and green spaces. The event is being organized by a local environmental group, and volunteers of all ages are encouraged to participate. Gloves, trash bags, and snacks will be provided, and participants are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles.

A local school is partnering with a nonprofit organization to provide free tutoring and mentoring services to underserved children in the community. The program will run after school hours, and trained volunteer tutors will work with students on a one-on-one basis to help them improve their academic skills and build their confidence. The program is open to children in grades K-8 and is completely free of charge.


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