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P99 Special Beef Mami

P111Stroke Mami

P179 Cardiac Mami

P160 Combo Mami


P90 Beef Pares Rice

P150 Stroke Pares RIce

P177 Cardiac Pares Rice

P160 Combo Uno Pares


P77 Beef Pares

P99 Bagnet

P199 Beef Pares Grupo

P299 Combo Uno Grupo

What Is Pares?

The Filipino cuisine known as “beef pares,” or just “pares,” consists of stewed beef in a sweet-soy sauce and is typically served with garlic fried rice and a bowl of beef broth soup. Typically, the soup is created by cooking beef with leeks, onions, garlic, peppercorns, and chives; bay leaves are occasionally added for taste. Pares is a popular dish that is frequently found in roadside cafés known as paresan. It is also served in small restaurants known as karinderyas, where residents can get reasonably priced food.

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